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Does the Oculus Rift have three-degrees-of-freedom or six-degrees-of-freedom?

Does the Oculus Rift have fully-immersive motion tracking? Does the Oculus Rift have full room and motion tracking?
Motion tracking rating: 3.0 - 1 ratings
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Knoji Staff
Aug 3, 2019

Based on ratings published by trusted online review sites as well as information from Oculus Rift's website, Oculus Rift performs average to better than average in terms of motion tracking compared to other virtual reality brands.

Based on a review posted on pcmag.com, Oculus Rift was rated as fairly average for motion tracking relative to competing virtual reality brands. Check out the entire review here. From this review:

The Rift shares the same resolution and refresh rate as the Vive, and as such the experience is very similar between the two. Like the Vive, the Rift produces a crisp picture with smooth motion and head tracking. In testing, the 3D effect of the stereoscopic images really gave me the sense that the virtual objects I was staring at were actually in front of me. Ultimately, the Rift headset is a display, so smoothness and graphical fidelity will depend on the power of your computer and sophistication of the software. In terms of hardware, though, the Rift produces a compelling virtual experience for the eyes.

Learn more at the company's website.

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This user rated Oculus's motion tracking: 3.0

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